Guitar what?

Bonimedia Netlabel is running some interesting guitar / bass / and other instruments projects, such as “The Feel of DEFIL”, “The Eastern Block Guitars”, “Polish Lutherie Guitars”, “Single-Cut Parade”, “Partscaster Parade”, “HB (Harley Benton) Parade”, “SYFIK” (“Show Your Freaky Instrument, Karramba!”) or even “Ukulele Madness”! 🙂

The main goal of a “guitar project” is making a music compilation of original music, improvisation or sound demos (most often about 20 tracks). The compilations are released on Creative Commons license, free to download as mp3-album zip-pack (YouTube streaming is also possible).

Learn more about Creative Commons License.

Before sending your recording/recordings you should see the rules of participation in the specific project.

Running Projects:

The Feel of DEFIL vol. 8DEADLINE: December the 3rd, 2023 / 3 grudnia 2023


Finished Projects

You can check out all of the completed instrumental projects clicking the address below:

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